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South Africa is a truly beautiful country.

#SouthAfrica is a truly beautiful country. -------- Getting here for cheap is essential & it can be done for less than your Verizon bill this month. So far I've been there twice and the things I like most are: • The Food: I'm a foodie, so ostrich burgers, bobotie, braai (BBQ), different types of biltong (jerky) and tasty South African curry are all reasons why I go • The Music: South Africa has the best house music in the world. We also went to the Cape Town Jazz Fest and Back To The City which is the largest hip hop fest in SA. Both amazing! • The People: So many different tribes and dialects, I think Xhosa is the funnest language though, you click when words have a 'x' or a 'q'. People were very welcoming in SA • The Beaches: The beaches in Durban and Cape Town were fly. We actually did a photo shoot with I Love Being Black on Camps Bay beach in Cape Town :) On August 25th, check out the latest LIVE STREAMING seminar in the series, Travel More, Spend Less #5 to learn the art of traveling for cheap without sacrificing in style. In 2015 we used these methods to go to 20 countries on 4 different continents: (take $5 off with coupon code FIVEOFF) • It will also be streamed live! • FB event: #goplaces #travelmorespendless Music by:

Posted by Escape Artist on Monday, July 25, 2016