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Here's The Deal...

Tips For Success

Tip #1: The hotter the deal, the less time you have to book it
Tip #2: Some deals on kayak will not show on other places & vice versa
Tip #3: For Google Flights links, make sure to click in the date box to see the deal calendar
Tip #4: Level up and use the hotness filter for faster searches
Tip #5: Check out the Escape Artist recommended credit cards list for mileage bonuses!
Tip #6: Access to the recorded session for the latest Travel More, Spend Less Seminar

Travel Stories

Story #4: I was on an escape to Peru and decided to go see the ruins of Machu Picchu at about 8,000ft above sea level. After checking it out I decided to climb Machu Picchu MontaƱa which is an extra 2,000ft or so. At this altitude not only is it hard to breathe, it's also hard to walk on the slippery stone steps in the clouds. We spent part of the time in a crouch while going back down... #bettertobesafethansorryyyyyyy
The Escape Artist

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"Using this site literally saved me over $2500 on trips I plan on taking in the next year. I didn't think traveling for this cheap was possible, thank you WhatsTheDeal!"



About This Site

What's The Deal (WTD) is a web app that truely redefines travel. Instead of looking for a good price from point A to point B this app will quickly show you how to get from Point A to point B/C/D/etc, saving you time and money by listing the cheapest prices for each. Gaining points will allow you to move up in levels, unlocking cool new features each time. Thank you so much for using WTD, if it helped you, please share it with friends.

About Me

I'm a computer scientist/fashion designer/photographer who's been traveling this beautiful earth since 1994 with dozens and dozens of countries and countless experiences under my ninja belt. I created WTD for myself in 2011 and decided to make it a public site this year, so YOU can take advantage of these deals as well.
-The Escape Artist


From time to time as I add new features to the site there may be small hiccups. If things are not working to your expectations, please come back later while I clean house.


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